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Discover a New Destination: Mallorca

Posted by Alexander Hartmann on April 5, 2023

Mallorca is a preferred destination for overseas buyers where they not only reap the long-term returns from their investment but also enjoy it at the same time with family and friends. Therefore, we from The Loft Bureau International Realty recently decided to expand into this highly attractive market by entering into our first two agreements, one with a high-profile developer and another with a very qualified real estate adviser.

🌴 Mallorca – A Mediterranean Treasure

Before we introduce you to our new partners, below you can see a quick snapshot as to the reasons why Mallorca is truly becoming an investors paradise.

  1. Mallorca is home to many wealthy and prominent individuals from around the world. More than 25% of the population are from an international origin.
  2. The real estate market in Mallorca has witnessed a positive price-development for years especially for premium properties; even during the Covid-crisis, the market did not take a dip.
  3. The positive price-development is mainly driven by the high demand from international investors who seek to benefit from the undersupply of apartments and luxury villas in the area.
  4. If we compare Mallorca to other secondary residence locations, Mallorca’s combination of accessibility, political and economic stability, as well as its high level of security is unique in Europe.
  5. Benefit from easy access and great infrastructure. Mallorca’s airport can easily be reached within 3.5 hours of flight time from all major European cities. Not just this, Mallorca also has direct flights from international destinations such as New York City. Many shopping and gastronomy outlets are located throughout the Island, plus excellent relaxation & leisure facilities including: 23 golf courses, 44 marinas, 340 beaches and much more. With over 15 international schools and 20 modern healthcare facilities in both public and private hospitals, this small island is extremely well equipped.
  6. The protection of the Island’s natural heritage is important for the local people and their government. Therefore, ca. 40% of the island is protected territory where construction or modification of the natural environment is prohibited. Such measures by the local government ensure that the natural beauty of Mallorca will forever remain untouched.

Are you interested in learning more about the island and investment opportunities in Mallorca’s real estate market?

📧 Reach out to us and we will answer your questions.

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