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Our Partner Network

At The Loft Bureau International Realty, we do not only treat our clients with the highest respect but also our employees and network partners. We are always open to discuss a new business opportunity with new companies and people who can add value to our business and clientele. 

Our network is mainly driven by two kinds of network partners: On one side we have those partners who share our understanding of a luxury lifestyle and elegance but are not active in the real estate industry such as fashion brands and art magazines. On the other side we are working with developers, consultancies, and agencies worldwide that enjoy the highest reputation in their own market and wish to have international exposure.

Developers – What We Have to Offer

The Loft Bureau International Realty is offering developers access to high profile international investors to boost their sales numbers.

Expert Representation

The Loft Bureau International Realty agents and network partners are industry experts and always available to provide their clients with professional advice and full support.

The Loft Bureau International Realty network was created to facilitate international transactions and sales at the highest business standards. Once familiar with a project, our business partners can feel assured that our team will be able to market the real estate project to a huge number of preselected international property investors.

International Exposure​

At The Loft Bureau International Realty we believe that the real estate market has changed in line with the progressing globalization and advanced modern technology. We can give developers an attractive platform for their project and market their project to investors who otherwise would probably be left out.

With The Loft Bureau International Realty as their sales and marketing partner, any real estate developer of prestigious projects opt for an additional sales boost through our network and international clientele.

Project Consultation and Strategy Advice

At The Loft Bureau International Realty we understand that we can only successfully market a new real estate project to the international market when it is meeting the requirements of our Investors.

Therefore, we prefer to advice any developer who chooses to work with us on the important aspects of an international real estate investment.

Become a Network Partner

The Loft Bureau International Realty client community is growing rapidly and so is our team of agents and network partners.

Whether you are an individual looking for a boost in your career, an existing agency wanting to gain more international exposure or a developer looking to sell your projects internationally, contact us for more information on joining the network of The Loft Bureau International Realty.

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