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15 listings

Alexander Hartmann

Alexander is a well-trained and highly educated real estate professional with over 15 year ...
11 listings

Zhanna Yerkozhanova

Zhanna is a successful real estate broker with a proven track record. She has more than 15 ...
15 listings

James Abbassi

Business Development Manager, The Loft Bureau International Realty
Originally from the UK, James has lived in The Gulf for over 30 years bringing with him a ...

Manuela Olmesdahl

Managing Director, Manol Management AG
Manuela is a Swiss national and originally from the Zurich region in Switzerland. Today sh ...
1 listing

Steffen Aumüller

Managing Director, The Very Useful Company
Steffen is a German national and originally from the area of Munich. He is the founder of ...

Vladimir Popovski

Vladimir is a highly educated business professional with diplomatic heritage and a wealth ...
5 listings

Carina Braun

Managing Director, AXTOR Spain S. L.
Carina is a citizen of Germany, but she used to live in Italy, Germany, and in Holland pri ...

Hideaki Kuo

Managing Director, Avanta Investment Group
Hideaki is a US citizen from Los Angeles. He also is a passionate entrepreneur. Hideaki ob ...

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